Our instructors have individual teaching styles and different backgrounds, but we share one common goal. We know how to teach the proper way to use and carry firearms. We champion the +P package of responsible gun ownership through preparedness, practice, pro-activity and purpose.

Kim Thumel -NRA Chief Range Officer,  NRA Certified Training Counselor, NRA Instructor - Pistol, Personal Protection In The Home, Refuse To Be A Victim.  The Well Armed Woman Instructor and Chapter Leader, DCJS Armed PPS 99-405155
A New State of Being. 

Kim’s safety-first philosophy is smart, non-threatening and tactical. It’s also fun and consistent with her joy as a runner, volunteer, mother and master of clean eating and cooking. 

Her firearms manifesto:" Vigilance is awareness in action"... As the founder of +P, Kim is on a mission to dissolve the victim mentality many of us have developed. Her classes are designed to replace fear and worry with awareness and preparedness. For the widow who is ready to pick up her first firearm, or anyone interested in firearms as a competitive sport, Kim’s students develop relevant safety and protective skills that reflect her advanced training, and travel to access the industry’s rapidly changing intel. She works with each student in steps, at their own pace so they can focus on their goals and rewrite their story. 

By entrusting her training to organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), The Well Armed Woman (TWAW), Gunsite Academy, Academi, and other professionals in the field, Kim continues to enrich her range of skills.  She enjoys empowering women who are interested in learning more about firearms and how to use them effectively and safely and understand the importance of living in a mindset of awareness.

Phil Raymond ~ NRA Certified Instrutor Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle - email

​Phil is as patient as he is fierce. His deep experience as an NRA instructor combined with his personal skills translates to Phil’s ability to effectively teach the art of gun handling to a range of students, particularly new shooters. Phil is known for his infectious personality and generous spirit. He makes it easy for others to find confidence in shooting sports and as a self defense option.  Phil also dedicates his time as a leader at his church in the security ministry.  

Kevin Ward ~ NRA Certified RSO and Instructor Pistol - email   

Mike Livingston ~ NRA Certified RSO and Instructor Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle -  email

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